British Everest expedition SW face 1975      Peter Boardman and Ronnie           Richards    3

Mountain literature-then and now  Michael Ward    15

Shining mountains, nameless valleys: Alaska and the Yukon  Terris                     Moore and Kenneth Andrasko    19

Mountaineering in Indonesia   Haryadi Ishak    35

In quest of the ultimate   Fred Rogerson    40

Trango Tower   J. V. Anthoine    45

Techniques and equipment for winter ice   Joe Tasker   48

The Napes Pinnacle   W. P. Haskett Smith    53

Pierre Vergez   Peter Steele    55

A visit to Japan   H. W. R. Wade    59

Expedition to the Millpo group (Peru)   Lodovico Gaetani    63

Grands Charmoz in winter   Rob Collister    65

Kalanka 1974   Roger Mear    69

Before Everest   Linney Gilbert    74

La Grande Dixence   Peter Hillman    78

Mountain winds   T. M. Connor    81

The feminine share in mountain adventure Pt I  Cicely Williams   90

Antipodean ventures II The Snowy Mountains   J. G. R. Harding    100

Nuptse 1975   Jon Fleming    107

Silvanus Thompson-alpine painter   James Greig    116

The Tatra Mountains   Marek Brniak    119

One of the geriatric eccentrics   Walter Kirstein    125

The Cedarbergen   Michael Scott    128

Underfoot Information; the story of the climber's boot   Bob Brigham                133

Traverse of the Staunings Alps   K. J. Miller    143

The 'Alpine Journal' and its Editors III, 1927-53   T. S. Blakeney    153

Play up! play up! and play the game, or where do we go now with Alpine
          pollution   Ronald W. Clark    160

Trollryggen North Face in winter  Tadeusz Piotrowski    172

The other side of the hill - A survey of the general scene   Kevin FitzGerald        175

Francis Sydney Smythe: mountain photographer (1900-49)   Nona Smythe        180

Parque Nacional de los Glaciares, Patagonia   Ben Campbell Kelly    191

A married man's Alpine holiday   Richard Brooke    196

A first impression of Biokovo   Ernest Shepherd    203

Triennial Report 1973-75 Greenland   Derek Fordham    206

Climbers' playgrounds-Europe   Charles Mont, Marek Brniak, Tom                 Connor and Guy Richard    212

A field study of acute mountain sickness   John Winter    217

One hundred years ago    C. A. Russell    220

The Books of the Year    228

Regional Notes 1975   

        The Alps    234

        Africa    236

        Asia    238

        Australasia    243

        North America    243

        South America    245

        Polar Regions    250

        British Isles    250

Equipment and Techniques 1975   Tom Connor   252

Science Notes 1975   Peter Stubbs   253

Alpine Club Notes    256

Miscellaneous and Editor's Notes      257

Other books reviewed   Edward Pyatt and Tom Connor   263

In memoriam (compiled by Kevin FitzGerald): Mick Burke, Gunter Oskar

       Dyhrenfurth, Robert Grossman, Charles Meade, Gerald Owens
       and Richard Summerton, Arnold Potter, Euan Robertson, Robert       

       Robinson, Theodore Howard Somervell, William Strath, Colin        Henry Taylor 267

Index   276