Valedictory Address     Charles Evans   7

Annapurna South face Christian Bonington   19

Makalu-the first ascent by the South-east ridge Makoto Hara and Masao Asami    34

The first steps towards Mount Everest   T. S. Blakeney   43

Frost-bite Michael Ward   70

Annapurna - North face route   Henry Day   89

Mountain parachute-jumping (a Frenchman's view)   Bernard Couture   99

Return to the Alps   Ian Howell   105

British-Soviet Caucasus Expedition 1970   Hamish MacInnes   111

The Taurus Mountains   Harold Elwood    119

The Monte Moro Pass and the Col d'Herens   Barbara Harriss   127

Submillimetre wavelength atmospheric studies at Jungfraujoch   William Burroughs   133

Mawenzi-a complete traverse from south to north   Fritz Lörtscher   138

El Toro   J. V. Anthoine   143

The ascent of K6   Eduard Koblmüller   149

The Himalayan ethic - time for a rethink?   Dennis Gray   156

North-west Karakoram - 1970  Trevor Braham  163

Climbers' playgrounds-Europe   John Cleare and Edward Pyatt   169

One hundred years ago   C. A. Russell   175

Two expeditions to Malubiting

The Polish Karakoram expedition 1969   Andrzej Kus   180

The Munich Karakoram expedition 1970   Peter von Gizycki   186


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        Africa      204

        Asia   210

        Australia and New Zealand  233

        North America   239

        South America   241

        Polar Regions   249

        British Isles    252

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Miscellanea   285

Alpine Club and Editor's Notes    289

Other organisations and clubs   293

Book Reviews   299

Guidebooks   313

Journals   317

In memoriam: P. Andrews, F. R. G. Chew, I. Clough, T. Gobbi,

       B. Hilton-Jones, E. Pardoe, T. Patey, E. V. Townshend,
       J. P. Walker. Additional notes: J. F. G. Clark and Adolphe Rey    323

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