The Playground of Europe, 1871 to 1971     Arnold Lunn   1

Thirteen Nations on Mount Everest John Cleare   9

The Battle for Khinyang Chhish Andrzej Kus    21

Manaslu-West Wall 1971   Akira Takahashi   26

Indrasan West Ridge Expedition 1971 A. Johnson   34

Optical Phenomena for Mountaineers   John Harries   39

Piz Badile for the Over-seventies   WaIter Kirstein   48

Mountaineering in Sweden   E. A. Bo Soderberg   54

Pointe Helene   Eugeniusz Chrobak   61

The 1971 Eruption of Mount Etna   Basil Booth    66

New Ice Climbing Techniques and Equipment   John Cunningham and Bill

After Everest   Ian Howell   80

Climbing in Rhodesia   WaIter Krog   86

The North by North-west Route on Du Toits Peak   Michael Scott   94

Climbers   K.C.F   96

First Ascent of Churen Himal   Ryozo Yamamoto   105

Noshaq on Skis  Ulrich Schwabe  110

Everest - A Reporter's View   Murray Sayle   116

Attempt on Nampa, 6755 m   John Allen   126

Some Swiss Mountain Railways   Paul Sharp   129

Ski Descent of Mont Blanc   D. St. J. Brightman   136

Specialists on the Eiger

       Epicures on the Lauper route   B. W.J. Griffiths 139

       Filming on the Nordwand   Leo Dickinson   144

Italian Climbing between the Wars   Riccardo Cassin   149

North Face of the Grand Teton and Black Ice Couloir   John Noble   157

Guide-book on the Shelf   J. C. Hawksley   160

The Kishtwar Himalaya Expedition 1971   Charles Clarke   164

Dhaulagiri 2   Franz Huber   168

British Central Hindu Kush Expedition 1971  R. Scott   170

Intervisibility   Edward Pyatt   172

Travel and Trade in the Pennine Alps   Barbara Harriss   175

Climbers' Playgrounds-Europe   Claude Davies, Ernest Shepherd, E. A. Bo
Soderberg and A. Heppenstall  

Mountain Landscape - the Auvergne   Edward Pyatt   190

Winter Climbing in the Mont Blanc Massif   Henri Agresti   197

Elephant Island   C. H. Agnew of Lochnaw yr   204

Cordillera Carabaya Expedition 1971   Kate Dilworth   211

One Hundred Years Ago   C. A. Russell   215


Triennial Report 1969-71:

Australasia      219

North America      229

Notes 1971:

        The Alps    235

        Africa      243

        Asia   245

        North America  250

        South America   252

        Polar Regions   254

        British Isles    258

General Notes and Reports  

        Equipment and Technique    265

        Science Notes   269

        Alpine Club Notes    271
Miscellanea and Editors' Notes    273

The Books of the Year   276

Other Books Reviewed   280

Journals 1971 and Others    263

In memoriam: George Ingle Finch, Frederick Spencer Chapman,

       Harold Williams, A. W. Bridge, Ian Stewart Clough    279

Postscript Apollo   297

Index   298